Love Message and Key to My Heart Box

Love Message and Key to My Heart Box
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PRODUCT ID : 9813078 presents the Love Message and Key to My Heart Box.

A wonderful way to express the feelings you have toward a loved one: Unique Valentine's Love Message and Key to My Heart Box. Combining real, fresh rose petals with sterling silver jewelry and a Message of Love is a can't miss Valentine's gift she will treasure for years to come. The sterling silver jewelry is a hand-sculpted heart and an old-fashioned skeleton key on a 16 inch sterling chain. Style and presentation come together in this gift to make it a memorable memento for this, the lovers' holiday. The message can be either the "I Love You Message" we provide or a totally custom message provided by you in the comment field during checkout.

Cupid Approved - I Love You. By Arlene Brown

I love you. Those three words are very special words to me. Before I met you I didn't truly understand what these words really meant. Those three words symbolize not only my love for you but my devotion and fidelity to the one and only person I have ever truly loved. And that is you.

Never have three words meant so much to me because they say what my heart already knows and what I feel deep in my soul.

I love you.

Today, Tomorrow and Always.

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